Storyboads #2

Our second set of storyboards!

The story has changed quite a bit. The scene starts with a young boy asleep in his bed, as the camera pans out shadowy tentacles crawl out from under the bed and wrap the boy up and pull him through the bed into another world. As this happens the boy wakes up, He's in a dark shadowy world being dragged towards an unknown destination. There are other children, still asleep. The boy fights his way out of the grasp of the tentacles and falls to the ground as he breaks free. The boy stands up with the tentacles disappearing into the distance in a strange world.

Rough boards, animatic mite have to wait so we can come up with a style sheet.

Some amendments will be made, the other children being dragged away by the tentacles will be in sleeping positions. Also the bed won't break when the boy is pulled through to another dimension.


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