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First off I would like to introduce my new website!

It's still under construction but there are a few interesting bits on there to have a look at. Including a development diary and post mortem of the pre production stage of Double cross.

Here's a direct link to the preproduction development diary and post mortem.

So please have a look and let me know what you think :)

Since my last post I've mainly been working on those documents but I have done a bit of modelling, you can check out below:

I'm realy tired so I'm going to go and play minecraft some more, then maybe sleep.

Blitz submission

I've got the 2 JPEG's for the Blitz open day done. Will probably send them tomorow at some point just incase I make any tweaks between now and then.

day 7 and where I'm at!

So this is what it's looking like!

I want to use this in a submission for the Blitz open day and the deadline is the 10th. My disertation is needing a bit of work too :( So may leave it as it is for now.

I will however keep working on this after the Blitz submission.

The things I want to change are:

- re-do the main body and tower textures, change them to 1024 maps.
- add more geometrical detail to the edge of the roof of the main body, tower, porch and both extensions
- tweak the geom on the edges of the pine end of the roof and the tower to get a better silhouette
- create emissive textures for lamps and windows
- create a smoke particle affect for the chimneys
- work further into the roof textures, especially the edges. Get all the walls and roof.
- add some weathering to the roof tiles.

todays work, sick of texturing

So I've been trying to get textures down just to cover stuff. It's messy and not finished and still needs tweaking but at least I can get an overall picture of where it's going.

Getting a bit sick of texturing now, have 2 days to go before I want it done so just trying to get stuff done.


So I'm going to do it a bit different today and instead of making multiple posts just update this one with my texture progress!

Here's the first shot, pine end of the house, Haven't done the stones at the bottom of the wall yet.

update #1: got bored made this out of parts of the main building!

Update #2: Just got a comment on Polycount about how the wall texture is grainy, I do agree so I may bump the texture up to 1024 for the bigger parts. Here's a texture shot of what it's like now. (actual size).

update #3: Door done!

update #4:WHat I've done today, may revisit the wall texture but I want to get it finished in the next few days so I'll use it for now and hopefully have time to go back to it later. The roof texture needs working on as well. the walls!

Yes this and my previous post are a reference to lil jon & the eastside boys musical masterpiece that is "get low". :D

So I've unwrapped and done a first pass on the textures, so most of them are big ugly block colours. Still pretty happy with progress and confident I'll get it done in the time I've set myself. There are a few dodgy shadows, I'll try and figure out how their sneaking in soon. Could just be the Ambient Occulsion being weird.

anyway here are some pictures of what I've been doing.

From the windows...

So texturing isn't my strongest point and I find it really tricky and difficult. Especially when working with anything under 512's.

I'm quite happy with them but will probably re-visit them later. Having to do the artwork with a mouse at the moment because I don't have access to a tablet, so that's a bit of a pain. May go hunting for a cheap one tomorrow. Overall happy with progress, was hoping to get more items unwrapped today but don't know how many I'll get done.

anyway here are some screenies.

And a shot of the texture.

blown apart

Broken the house down into seperate assets. Hopefully this will let me re-use them if i decide to create a full scene with this, will also let me tinker with the model as I go along.

Edit: Here's the re-assembled version!

adding details.

This morning I've been adding some details. Plan for the rest of the day is to finish that up, then start breaking it down into sections for unwrapping and texturing.

3D modelz yo

So I managed to do some work today, I'm happy with the outcome. First time I've done something like this.

I say outcome even though it's miles from finished!

As it stands the mesh is Bad... Very Bad. Loads of un-needed topology and lacking llooaaddsss of details that I want to add. I want to go for a pretty low poly style and hopefully hand paint the textures so the end result will be Warcraft/torchlight-ish. Today my plan was to nail a base concept and I feel I've got that. Next I'll be playing with details and seeing if i can make it more interesting. Then I'll figure out a colour pallet and start texture work.

I've given myself until the 10th! wish me luck!!

2011 and back to work!

So I've been pretty quiet on here recently! Mostly due to the fact that a lot of the work I've been doing has been paper based design and dissertation work. Some of which is quite interesting and hopefully I'll get a chance to post about it on here. But I much prefer to post visual stuff when I can, gotta love pictures!!

I'm back in Newport Gwent now after spending Christmas and New Year back in Pembrokeshire with the family which was great!

Now I have to face the looming deadlines and get the work done for them! Which does include some modelling work so hopefully I'll be posting regularly throughout the process.

The last of those deadlines is on the 13th after which we'll be jumping straight into Double Cross production! Which I'm really excited about! So January looks like it will be busy!

Happy 2011 everyone!