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New Monitor (165 hz!)

 I recently picked up a Dell 27" IPS 165hz 1ms S2721DGF Gaming Monitor . It's a bit of a beast. If you're not a monitor nerd, "hz" aka "Hertz" is how many frames it can show on the screen per second. This is also known as refresh rate.  Most monitors display at around 60hz. This means if your game is running at above 60 fps your monitor won't really show it. Enabling a feature like V-sync, which matches the games FPS to the monitors refresh rate will demonstrate this as you will notice (if you are running above 60 fps on a 60hz monitor) that your fps is now clamped at 60. G-sync / Free sync are similar, these features match your monitors refresh rate to your games FPS (freeing up your GPU to pump more frames instead of running V-sync).  If you spot screen tearing in your game, that's usually down to your FPS not matching your monitors refresh rate. So now I have a beefy monitor that is G-Sync / Freesync compatible and can display 165 frames per