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Wings of Fate update

Here's a few screenshots of the static meshes in maya. Stove and chimney . This is where the Cardinals burn the votes during the conclave. There is also a lower poly version of this, but Unity seamed to cope with this model well so I decided to stick with it. Alter at the end of the Chapel . North wall including Balcony. Some Shots from in engine. The Cardinal model was done By Charlotte Gyseman , the Choir Balcony by Jason Thompson and the Windows and candlesticks by Matt Bustin.

where I've been hiding

Ok so it's been a while since I updated my blog so this is going to be a hefty post! Basically just explaining what I've been doing that's kept me from updating this thing... --- UNI Wings of Fate project progress: In my last post I spoke about our current uni project "Wings of Fate" or as it's now been affectionately named Wings of Fail haha! So far the project (in my opinion) is going brilliantly! We have a lot of our assets moddled although a few of them require tweaking and some of the team have began to texture. We're having a maya workshop on Monday to iron out any problems with models which should be really good. As far as level and environment design (the parts that I have been heavily involved in so far) have gone, I have managed to get most of the important assets moddled and into engine although they need the textures working out. Also on Friday we spent our production meeting breaking down the walkthrough I'd written and refining it