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Twitter highlights from Develop 2012

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the Develop Conference in Brighton this year, but I did manage to keep up to date on Twitter to some extent!

So here are a collection of some of the great tweets that were made during the conference! I've tried to be as accurate with credit as possible, but some of these may be re-tweets or quotes from talks. Anyway it's the content itself that really matters! Hope you find something useful in there :)

"Enter awards. Takes time but it's worth it"- Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Your players first experience of the game has to be a good one"- David Wood @DaveTheMusical

"You have to be part of the dialogue and engaged with the community from the outset. Listen to them. Respond"- Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Prominence on a site is hugely important. If there's a new games list, be prepared to capitalise on your time there" - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Use Analytics. Get to know your users and what they are …

Making some trees!

Last night Jase got in touch with me with some finished tree models, we decided to get the textures on and get them in engine.

A maya shot, complete with texturing problem!

No Alpha :(

Alpha with dodgy edge :(

wahd out textur and no lighting built :(

Lighting built, almost there!

And some grass!
and done :D

Let us know what you think we love to get feedback!
oh and we also have a website (although I've been told by my good friend Max Jensch that a single page with a couple of links on is not a website) sorry max!

UDK snow & Fat Pancake!

I've been busy doing lots of level design, kismet and documentation for this game I've suddenly found myself making. Then I got distracted by environment art which led me to making some snow.

It's a particle affect in UDk set to spread quite a distance and I've doubled up a few of them. Hopefully it won't be too taxing on resources! I am pretty happy with it.

Check out this video and have a look for yourself!

There is a few of us making this game now and we decided we need some sort of name to go by, I've had the name "fat pancake" floating about in my head for a while and decided to go with that. Jase put together a logo and here we are! We even managed to get a website sorted, nothing much there yet but you can find it at


adding more props, decided to stick with the snow theme, also some shots of what the 2 Ollies have been up to!

Preliminary character concepts by Ollie E
Ollie L's modular archway (@OllieLudgrove)
Me experimenting with the archway!

and some shots of how stuffs looking.

Some more screen shots of today's work

Adding more assets and playing with colours. Spent most of today working on foliage! (and watching game of thrones!) I think I prefer the snowy version.

Screenshots and stuff.

I'm quite tired so no big description. This is what I've been doing today! Early days yet. With Ollie L Making rocks.

It's been a while!

It's been almost a year! Oops! So I'm going to do a series of posts about all the stuff that's happening at the moment and this is the first one!

Game design stuff! Games, fuck yea!
anyway, I've been trying to get a game project on the go again, based on the 1st person puzzler I was working on a year ago!
With help from my housemates Ollie E ( and Ollie L we've been redesigning the style, layout and general game with keeping the same mechanic.
Here's a look at some whiteboxing screenshot and a  rough style screenshot.
Early art style shot
Spooky Fforest, hopefully we can keep this sort of feel on more final builds
The area has changed from a swampy region to a more mountainous area, big drops instead of poison swamp.
Overall shot of the whitebox, getting proportions and pacing nailed.