Twitter highlights from Develop 2012

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the Develop Conference in Brighton this year, but I did manage to keep up to date on Twitter to some extent!

So here are a collection of some of the great tweets that were made during the conference! I've tried to be as accurate with credit as possible, but some of these may be re-tweets or quotes from talks. Anyway it's the content itself that really matters! Hope you find something useful in there :)

"Enter awards. Takes time but it's worth it" - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Your players first experience of the game has to be a good one" - David Wood @DaveTheMusical

"You have to be part of the dialogue and engaged with the community from the outset. Listen to them. Respond" - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Prominence on a site is hugely important. If there's a new games list, be prepared to capitalise on your time there" - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Use Analytics. Get to know your users and what they are doing" - Brian Balow @Flackboy

"Play testing from the outset is critical - don't keep pushing it back" - RT by David Wood @DaveTheMusical. Original Tweet by @grmcall

"Your game is out. What now? If your game is out - you're too late..." - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Talk to people. Talk to people EARLY. Reach out to the press. Pubishers look online. A lot of coverage will help you" - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Be creative. You apply creativity to your games. Do the same for your marketing" - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Subtle themes can create an emotional investment on a subconscious level" - David Wood @DaveTheMusical

"It doesn't matter how polished your game is - you need to be able to explain in one sentence why it's remarkable" - Zoya Street @rupazero

"You're much more likely to fade into obscurity than to offend anyone" - Zoya Street @rupazero

"Indies need to be personalities, it's something we can do more easily than the big studios" - Adam Russel @AdamSRussell

"Just by being an indie, you are already a cause for people to believe in, you have an interesting story"  - Zoya Street @rupazero

"Aladdin for Mega Drive was made in 4 months?! Jesus. One of my fav games of the era. Colour me impressed" - Tristan Clark @TristanClark

"Don't wait until after release to promote your game - generate interest in time for release" - Zoya Street @rupazero

"If you want your game to succeed, you have to be excited. If you can't be genuinely hyped, then why should anyone else be?" - David Wood @DaveTheMusical

"Put your art on as many photo/image sharing sites as possible. Tag, Tag, Tag, EVERYTHING. That's what Semantic web is" - Rohith Bhat @rohithbhat

"Image is important as is networking in marketing: pay special attention to your game blurb, or you run the risk of obscurity" - David Wood @DaveTheMusical

"Use social media, but be careful. Maintain a sense of humour, spend time and be honest" - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Try and make your press releases funny. Try NOT to make them look like spam"  - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Talk to the games press - they're lovely. They like games too" - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"It's not about competition. It's about relationships. People give work to people, not portfolios" - Ella Romanos - Zoya Street @rupazero

"Marketing for indies: build a communications cycle. Regular content and contact with audience" - Zoya Street @rupazero

"Get your idea out - as soon as you possibly can. Tell people..." - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"Get your game out, get people talking about it. Get people passionate about it" - Brian Baglow @Flackboy

"If looking for funding, the *idea* should be the 3rd point in your pitch deck. People care more about who their dealing with" - Kate Booth @KatBoo


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