Worshippping at the temple of Notch...

So the reason I've taken days to write this post.....

So it all started with this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UdEFmxRmNE

Done by the Yogcast guys, it was posted on a forum I visit pretty regularly and I spent a whole night watching the series all the way through.

The next day I bought Minecraft...

And so far I realy like it. Probably a bit too much! It's VERY addictive. Two of the guys I live with have been keeping up with the yogast videos and both of them have done the same as me and gone and got the game.

So I'm building a castle. woop!

I was at a lecture Dan Pincbeck (Dear Esther) gave the other day and he described Minecraft as "I am legend" meets Lego, which is pretty much spot on. It's a winning combination that works really well. You get dumped out in the wilderness on your own without much of an idea of what to do. (unless, like I did you watched some videos before buying it). Then it gets dark... Bad stuff happens when it gets dark.

If you've played the free Alpha and been put off buying the Beta version I would say just pay up and go for it! The alpha really doesn't reflect how good the real game is.

Anyway I should probably go do some work (Finish building my castle!) at this point...


  1. Bloody Minecraft!, this has destroyed my productivity. have you seen the yogcast videos of it? hilarious. first one is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UdEFmxRmNE&list=SL, pity about the adverts

    came here from The-Witness, Glad to see someone studying at Newport!, I was going to go there but as I was born/bred there for 22 years, I'd had enough (as you can imagine no doubt).

    good blog, :D mind if I link you??

  2. sorry, was overenthusiastic with the yogcast comment. just saw you'd actually mentioned it :D


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