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UDK destructable meshes

I've recently come back to West Wales for the Summer and work has been a bit slow! Been catching up with friends etc. I decided that I want / need to learn UDK so I've been experimenting with that, hoping to transfer the level I've been creating in Unity in UDK. So far I've learnt a load of stuff, but here's one of my favourites so far! P.S. sorry for the poor quality video!

lit in maya

I have almost finished texturing the first building, well i say that, I will probably go back and fiddle with it a load before it's finished. So I decided to throw a light into the maya scene to see what it looks like lit up, and I'm pretty happy with the result! There's a normal map applied to the roof, but not on anything else. I haven't done a spec map yet but will get around to that as well eventually. I'm beginning to think this project is a bit to big for me to finish completely, but the whole point was to practice what I already know and learn a bit more about workflow between Photoshop, Maya and whatever engine I use. And I'm definitely learning! So I guess it's all good!

This is the life DVD artwork

I did this for some friends studying film & video. Their sending the film hey recently finished off to a load of film festivals and needed some DVD artwork done. Here's what I came up with, they seemed to like it, so it's all good! Oh, and watch the film here! : It's brilliant and definatley worth a watch!


So I've added a few textures, will probably go back and revisit these later or and tidy them up a bit. Nice to get a bit of colour on there. There's a normal map on the roof, but as far as I can see it's not really affecting the texture that much. I mite try it in unreal and see how it looks. Still need spec maps for certain bits, but they don't seam to do that much in unity either.

all unwrapped

It's not a great unwrap and I'll end up using a lot more texture maps than I actually want to :( But because it's the first time I've unwrapped something this complex I'm letting myself be a bit sloppy. On the next buildings and props I'll try and make sure the unwraps are tighter so I use less texture maps.

UV unwraps make my head hurt

Argh unwraping is killing me! At least I've started texturing.

small update

Added a few more details on the first building and figured out the placement of the stairwells in the other buildings. Also added a barrel that I made a few weeks ago into the scene. Next details on the rest of the buildings and props.