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So I've been building for far too long and decided it was time to just blow stuff up.

building building building!

All the buildings have very basic structure now, next I'll be figuring out where stairwells, ladders, walkways and balconey's go. Also I'll be trying to work out what assets I can repeat (stairwells?). I've cut a chunk of the land mass out from behind the buildings, who would build overly complicated slums perched on the side of a cliff if they had a big flat island to live in? lol I've also added a little boat that comes with one of the unity example levels, I'll be modelling my own version later on!

more basic structure

now have the placement for the rest of the buildings and very basic internal layout for the first two. Next step will be getting the internal structure for the rest of the buildings carved out. At the moment the scene feels really empty and spacious (still) which is worrying me a bit, so looking forward getting more assets in the scene to make it a bit more busy!

first building basic modeling pretty much done

The basics of the first building is done! There's a few things in there that I would (will) probably tweak and change. I'm not 100% happy with the walls, some of them are too solid looking and need to feel more like they have been nailed together with scrap wood and sheets of corrugated iron. Saying that the basic shape and layout of the building is down and that was what I was aiming to achieve. Next I'll be modelling the walkways along the front of the buildings and hopefully making some plans that I can re-use throughout the level. What I am slightly concerned with is that it's looking a bit too much like a pirate town at the moment but I hope when I add textures and props that it will start looking more like a slum. Maybe I will add some more partitions in the buildings to give a more cramped feel. The most difficult thing so far has been keeping a consistent scale that can be traversed in unity by the standard first person controller and looks right. Overall

Blocking in with maya

I've made a start on blocking in buildings with maya, trying to work out sizes and how the internal structure will work. Next I'll be finishing the walls and start adding a few deatils before moving on to either the walkways or next building along.

Waterside slums environment

I'm currently working on a little personal project, It's a small settlement of slums perching on the coast. So far I've just blocked out the area with BSP brushes in Unity 3D to get an idea of what I wanted to go for. I've added doors (in red) and windows (in blue). Next I'll do basic block models in maya to work out the interior spaces and what I can get away with duplicating inside the engine.

Wings of Fate finished!

Download a playable .exe So we finished Wings of Fate! And our presentation a week after the hand in went excellently! I'm really happy with the outcome and really proud of the whole team! Also finished my essay on "why people find le; font-size:11.arning to play games fun". Now just to wait for feedback and grades!