first building basic modeling pretty much done

The basics of the first building is done! There's a few things in there that I would (will) probably tweak and change. I'm not 100% happy with the walls, some of them are too solid looking and need to feel more like they have been nailed together with scrap wood and sheets of corrugated iron.

Saying that the basic shape and layout of the building is down and that was what I was aiming to achieve.

Next I'll be modelling the walkways along the front of the buildings and hopefully making some plans that I can re-use throughout the level.

What I am slightly concerned with is that it's looking a bit too much like a pirate town at the moment but I hope when I add textures and props that it will start looking more like a slum. Maybe I will add some more partitions in the buildings to give a more cramped feel. The most difficult thing so far has been keeping a consistent scale that can be traversed in unity by the standard first person controller and looks right.

Overall I'm happy with how it's coming along.


  1. This is looking really great. When you get to the texturing stage, this is an awesome tutorial:


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