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Concept art

This peice isn't quite finished but gives an idea of one of the darker enviroments that would feature in this world. I think I'll try painting this one in a lighter colour aswell and see how it turns out. The original Drawing was done by Ben. This peice of work is to give an idea of the scale we want to go for!

And so it beggins!

Ok so this is My blog! I guess I'll be using it as a place to share what I'm currently working on and maybe to even get some feedback :) So I'll get started right away! For the 2nd half of this semester we've been given a assignment to create a 30 second FMV that advertises a game that we will also be coming up with a concept for. At the end of the project the FMV will be screened to a panel of industry proffesionals! Scary! but exciting! The team for our project is myself, Ben Hayward and Matt Cooper. We've made a start on the concept document and have been sending drafts back and forth, it's in its final stages so should be done by Tuesday. We've decided to create a horror adventure game that has a huge world and plays a lot on scale of the objects in the landscape giving the player a sense of being lost or alone, helping give the game the sinister twist we want it to have. The player will be a young boy who wakes up in a world he knows nothing about