And so it beggins!

Ok so this is My blog! I guess I'll be using it as a place to share what I'm currently working on and maybe to even get some feedback :)

So I'll get started right away!

For the 2nd half of this semester we've been given a assignment to create a 30 second FMV that advertises a game that we will also be coming up with a concept for. At the end of the project the FMV will be screened to a panel of industry proffesionals!
Scary! but exciting!

The team for our project is myself, Ben Hayward and Matt Cooper.

We've made a start on the concept document and have been sending drafts back and forth, it's in its final stages so should be done by Tuesday.
We've decided to create a horror adventure game that has a huge world and plays a lot on scale of the objects in the landscape giving the player a sense of being lost or alone, helping give the game the sinister twist we want it to have.

The player will be a young boy who wakes up in a world he knows nothing about and doesn't remember how he got there. He sets off to find answers in a world where everything is not as it seems.

that's the basic idea anyway!


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