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It's been a while!

It's been almost a year! Oops! So I'm going to do a series of posts about all the stuff that's happening at the moment and this is the first one!

Game design stuff! Games, fuck yea!
anyway, I've been trying to get a game project on the go again, based on the 1st person puzzler I was working on a year ago!
With help from my housemates Ollie E ( and Ollie L we've been redesigning the style, layout and general game with keeping the same mechanic.
Here's a look at some whiteboxing screenshot and a  rough style screenshot.
Early art style shot
Spooky Fforest, hopefully we can keep this sort of feel on more final builds
The area has changed from a swampy region to a more mountainous area, big drops instead of poison swamp.
Overall shot of the whitebox, getting proportions and pacing nailed.