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Tryfan climb Aug 2010

So the last few days I've been in North Wales. We climbed Tryfan and walked the Devils Kitchen. It was incredible!

Here's a short video i filmed on a digital camera I had with me, I left it in the car the first day (doh!) so it's only Tryfan.

spelling fixed!


more on this piece

Overall I'm quite happy with this but I think I'll come back to this and tweak it, not sure what it needs, maybe a bit of colour on the radio and tidying up some of the lines.

oh and I will change the "your" to "you're" at some point!

more stuff I'm working on today

The first picture is all in my sketchbook, probs going to take it into illustrator!

the sedond is the next stage of my previous WIP.

WIPing it

a bit of progress!


some 'lil something something that I'm working on!

drawing challenge day 2, only a week late!

Favourite animal, so i sketched a dinosaur, dinosaurs are cool so it kinda works! It didnt take me long, it's very rough, but i like it, i don't do quick sketches often enough!

Cardiff skate plaza

Went on a little road trip today to Cardiff skate plaza. Really had a good skate! fun little place. Because i suck at skating and photography i dont have any actions pics, but here's a few of the park itself.

GOST clothing

I found out about a new clothing company called "GOST" ran by the former creative director of "Senate wheels" which was a rollerblading hardware company and "Franco shade" a rollerblading clothing company.

I'm a massive fan of the bold art style, someone get me some of this stuff please!!

Check out the blog @

30 days of drawing

A friend of mine posted this to me on facebook the other day.

When i saw it my first thought was "urgh what the hell is this s***" but when i read it i quite liked the idea, 30 days or drawing diffrenet things. So looking past the horrendous presentation I thought I would give it a go!

so day#1 - draw yourself, here's my attempt. (yes i need a scanner!)

Chloe Bruce (the friend who originaly sent me the post) aka paint the moment and Ollie Elliott aka the enormous blogodile have both done one aswell, here they are.

Chloe Bruce
Ollie Eliott


Between Monday 9th of August to Wednesday 11th of August I was in Cardiff / Newport working as production designer "Tiny".From the facebook page: "Tiny" is a 35mm short film about a young couple settling into a new house and preparing for their first child.This is the first time I've worked on a film set and I have to say I really, really enjoyed it and would love to repeat the experience. W started on Monday buying props and preparing the house that we were shooting in so I got to get stuck in right away with deciding on what props to use and how to place them. On the Tuesday shooting began it varied between a lot of sitting around whilst the scene was shot and the sound recorded and a lot of rushing around to prepare the next scene for shooting. Because of the amount of equipment and size of the house we had to store anything we weren't using in the rooms that we weren't shooting in then move it all as we came to use those rooms, and then I would have…

hectic weeks

So the last few weeks of my summer holidays have been hectic, catching up with friends, working and BBQ's! I haven't had much of a chance to carry on with modelling the 3D env i was working on :( which is really frustrating. And I may even downsize it a bit, because the concept was huge, will have to wait and see how it goes.Butsaying that, at the start of the summer (before Istarted working 2 jobs!) I did have a chance to blast through some UDK tutorials and have learnt a load about working with the engine.

In these tutorials i learnt about post processing volumes, lighting, particle effects and generally managing the scene to create the illusion of being part of a larger world beyond the playable area.More recently I've been catching up on some drawing, got some new pens so I've been playing with them and decided I need to draw a lot more frequently!! more hours in the day please!