Between Monday 9th of August to Wednesday 11th of August I was in Cardiff / Newport working as production designer "Tiny".

From the facebook page: "Tiny" is a 35mm short film about a young couple settling into a new house and preparing for their first child.

This is the first time I've worked on a film set and I have to say I really, really enjoyed it and would love to repeat the experience. W started on Monday buying props and preparing the house that we were shooting in so I got to get stuck in right away with deciding on what props to use and how to place them. On the Tuesday shooting began it varied between a lot of sitting around whilst the scene was shot and the sound recorded and a lot of rushing around to prepare the next scene for shooting. Because of the amount of equipment and size of the house we had to store anything we weren't using in the rooms that we weren't shooting in then move it all as we came to use those rooms, and then I would have to make sure the sets were tidy and ready to go after all the equipment had been relocated!

One thing I would change is that I would have loved to have a bigger role in pre production so that I could have a better idea of what the shots we were trying to get before the day of the shoot so i could have planned a bit ahead.

Writer - Craig Dean Devine
Directors - Martin Izzard & Craig Dean Devine
First A.D - Gafyn Holt
D.O.P - Craig Dean Devine
Production design - Peter Harries
Still photography - Jess Brown
Sound - Rebecca Lynch & Louise Lynch

Abi - Rosie Cripps
Steve - Tom Barker



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