3D modelz yo

So I managed to do some work today, I'm happy with the outcome. First time I've done something like this.

I say outcome even though it's miles from finished!

As it stands the mesh is Bad... Very Bad. Loads of un-needed topology and lacking llooaaddsss of details that I want to add. I want to go for a pretty low poly style and hopefully hand paint the textures so the end result will be Warcraft/torchlight-ish. Today my plan was to nail a base concept and I feel I've got that. Next I'll be playing with details and seeing if i can make it more interesting. Then I'll figure out a colour pallet and start texture work.

I've given myself until the 10th! wish me luck!!


  1. Nice work! I would buy it, if it was for real :)

  2. thanks :D it's not in great consition so you would probably be able to pick it up cheap and do it up!

  3. Like it Good Work


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