day 7 and where I'm at!

So this is what it's looking like!

I want to use this in a submission for the Blitz open day and the deadline is the 10th. My disertation is needing a bit of work too :( So may leave it as it is for now.

I will however keep working on this after the Blitz submission.

The things I want to change are:

- re-do the main body and tower textures, change them to 1024 maps.
- add more geometrical detail to the edge of the roof of the main body, tower, porch and both extensions
- tweak the geom on the edges of the pine end of the roof and the tower to get a better silhouette
- create emissive textures for lamps and windows
- create a smoke particle affect for the chimneys
- work further into the roof textures, especially the edges. Get all the walls and roof.
- add some weathering to the roof tiles.


  1. Looks awesome! Few things I'd say:

    Brickwork and tiles should be consistent scaling. (e.g. chimney compared to spire)
    Tiling could use some weathering like the bricks.

    It really is great though :)

  2. Thanks guys :)

    yea totaly agree Henry, added to my to-do list!


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