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A WIP, a bit too much of the "Lara" syndorme going on at the moment, Going to start work on another picture of this character soon. Would be nice to get this one finished though, practicing the old painting never hurt!

I want to make a music video for this!

Ghostcatcher by INNAMORATI Here's a track created by INNAMORATI which includes a friend of mine, I can't get enough of this track and would love to make a crazy music video for it! Not sure what or how but I know i want to!

Progress on 3D charcter

So I've made some progress on the 3D character I'm building. Here's a smoothed render to show what I've done so far. I'll be tweaking it a bit before I start texturing him!

30 sec FMV crit

Quick summary, Ben, Matt and myself teamed up a few weeks before Christmas to work on a 30 sec game trailer, we would also be coming up with the game concept itself. We eventually decided on a game where the main character (a young boy) is abducted from his bedroom by a strange tentacle monster and dragged into another world, at which point he luckily escapes the grasp of the tentacle monster, as he falls from the grasp of the tentacle monster he notices several other children being abducted, but not waking up and escaping like himself. He falls to the ground and picks himself up to find himself lost and alone in a vast nightmarish world. The main aim of the game being to escape this world and rescue as many other children along the way. The game is called Pallium Somnus. We showed the video today (you can find in my previous post) which had an overall good reception, the feedback was as follows; Good points: The long shot at the end was very effective in showing a vast envi

emotional realism!?

I haven't posted in a couple of days, Sunday I was busy writing our essay (What I posted on Sunday was all prepared the night before!) then yesterday we had our hand-ins, game FMV and essay. Then a group of us from the course plus a few others all went to the pub! being the weak person I am, I ended up pretty drunk, but had a great time! So I haven't actually got any work to post up today! I think this is only the second post with no pictures of things I've been working on! What I did want to talk about is the essay, as I've not mentioned that here at all. The question was: “While photorealistic animation and gaming visuals offer a graphic realism, in what ways have contemporary titles such as Half Life 2 (Valve, 2004) succeeded or failed in expressing an emotional realism?” So I chose to speak about how emotions are conveyed in game and how people identify with characters in narrative and empathise with them. Kathrine Isbister's, Better Game Characters

Final cut!

I'm not going to point out things i would like to change or places where we had problems until after the screenings, that way if nobody notices I just won't mention them ha! Also the name has changed! But I'm really happy with what Ben, Matt and myself have pulled off! feedback welcome :D

Test render of the first 6 seconds

It's looking good! You can see where I havn't textured the boys head properly, I'll try and finish this before the final cut. Also The shadows are a bit pixelated, I think this mite be because I've just been renderig with maya software, but it really bugs me, so I'm going to make the effort to learn mental ray. Doubt i will have time before Monday, but next time!!

Bedroom all done

Bedroom finished :D now hurry up and animate!! We want to start editing it tomorrow, so late night tonight! Did have a bit of a problem with textures on the boy, but it's ok now (just don't look too close! haha).

a quick smooth!

Just finalising the body, did a quick smooth so I can get an idea what the finished thing will look like, quite happy with it! There's a few parts that I would change, especially around the legs and feet but I'm eager to move on and start modelling the head, so I'll leave it as it is for now! Really learnt the importance of an accurate character design sheet here, I'm using a design that only has a front view, a side and top down view would have helped millions! The feet are also drawn in a way that makes them difficult to model using an image plane, to help with that I used some diagrams as reference.