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A WIP, a bit too much of the "Lara" syndorme going on at the moment, Going to start work on another picture of this character soon. Would be nice to get this one finished though, practicing the old painting never hurt!

I want to make a music video for this!

Ghostcatcher by INNAMORATI

Here's a track created by INNAMORATI which includes a friend of mine, I can't get enough of this track and would love to make a crazy music video for it! Not sure what or how but I know i want to!

Progress on 3D charcter


30 sec FMV crit

emotional realism!?

Final cut!

I'm not going to point out things i would like to change or places where we had problems until after the screenings, that way if nobody notices I just won't mention them ha! Also the name has changed!

But I'm really happy with what Ben, Matt and myself have pulled off!

feedback welcome :D

Test render of the first 6 seconds

It's looking good!

You can see where I havn't textured the boys head properly, I'll try and finish this before the final cut. Also The shadows are a bit pixelated, I think this mite be because I've just been renderig with maya software, but it really bugs me, so I'm going to make the effort to learn mental ray. Doubt i will have time before Monday, but next time!!

Bedroom all done

Bedroom finished :D now hurry up and animate!! We want to start editing it tomorrow, so late night tonight! Did have a bit of a problem with textures on the boy, but it's ok now (just don't look too close! haha).

a quick smooth!