30 sec FMV crit

Quick summary, Ben, Matt and myself teamed up a few weeks before Christmas to work on a 30 sec game trailer, we would also be coming up with the game concept itself. We eventually decided on a game where the main character (a young boy) is abducted from his bedroom by a strange tentacle monster and dragged into another world, at which point he luckily escapes the grasp of the tentacle monster, as he falls from the grasp of the tentacle monster he notices several other children being abducted, but not waking up and escaping like himself. He falls to the ground and picks himself up to find himself lost and alone in a vast nightmarish world. The main aim of the game being to escape this world and rescue as many other children along the way. The game is called Pallium Somnus.

We showed the video today (you can find in my previous post) which had an overall good reception, the feedback was as follows;

Good points:
The long shot at the end was very effective in showing a vast environment.
The camera dip transition to the other world was very effective.
The sense of being "lost" was very strong towards the end.

Bad points:
The light source and palette choice in the cavern could be more defined to create a better atmosphere.
The bed sheets in the first scene and second scene were different colours and need to be textured correctly.
The camera moved too much, in the second shot in the bedroom the camera could be more still to emphasize the movement of the tentacle.
Spot sound would help in the composition, drawing the viewers eye to certain elements and helping navigate the scene.
The shot with lots of children being abducted could be shown after the boy falls to create more of an impact.
All of the above would help manage the communication of our idea and sell the games USP.

That's all, good feedback, happy with the result. Will hopefully get to tweak the FMV for our portfolio's. Loads of good work getting shown today as well!


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