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Minecraft documentary

Minecraft Video Game, Documentary | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos | definatley worth a watch! Very interesting!

Double Cross, modelling and level design - balancing the 2

After the presentation last week (that I think went quite well!) it's back into production. Over the next few weeks I feel we need to really focus on a couple of things. #1 - Getting a working prototype out the door. This is so, so important and thus far we haven't managed to do it. I wouldn't say it's any of our fault that this has happened. But we have such a nice mechanic and at the moment we don't have the technical abilities to pull it off. In short we need someone familiar with programming and is possible scripting for UDK. Now we have two options, hunt for someone who can do this or one of us learn to do it ourselves, possibly sacrificing other areas of the project. So I'm stumped. We have a meeting tomorrow so hopefully we can discuss a solution then. #2 - Having a defined art style in engine. By this I mean something within UDK that shows how are game is going to look. At everything apart from the actual static meshes is out of the box UDK (textur

Blitz games open day!

So last Month I submitted my application to Blitz games to visit their studio as a 3D artist and I'm happy to say my application was accepted :D Blitz was founded in 1981 by the Oliver Twins (Creators of the Dizzy Egg series!!) and has been responsible for several games including the recent dead to rights. So I'm mega excited, this will be the first time I've had a chance to look around a commercial game development studio and get to meet the people who work there. Hopefully it will be a great chance to get a feel for what it's like to work in the games industry and make some useful contacts. ssooo I'll be off to Leamington Spa on March the 10th! wwwooo!

Bioshock 2 lead env talks Ryan Amusements

Bioshock 2 lead environment artist Hogarth de la Plante talks through the world of Ryan Amusements.

Worshippping at the temple of Notch...

So the reason I've taken days to write this post..... So it all started with this video: Done by the Yogcast guys, it was posted on a forum I visit pretty regularly and I spent a whole night watching the series all the way through. The next day I bought Minecraft... And so far I realy like it. Probably a bit too much! It's VERY addictive. Two of the guys I live with have been keeping up with the yogast videos and both of them have done the same as me and gone and got the game. So I'm building a castle. woop! I was at a lecture Dan Pincbeck (Dear Esther) gave the other day and he described Minecraft as "I am legend" meets Lego, which is pretty much spot on. It's a winning combination that works really well. You get dumped out in the wilderness on your own without much of an idea of what to do. (unless, like I did you watched some videos before buying it). Then it gets dark... Bad stuff happens when it get