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vote Innamorati! A Bristol based live electronic gypsy dub bass act. We create unlikely fusions of classical gypsy music with gritty raw Bristol dance elements. Loving these guys music right now!!

Wings of Fate

So I haven't posted in detail about our latest project "Wings of fate" yet! So it's about time I do it! We're in a group of 11 (8 CGD artists and 3 programmers) and our brief is to create a playable level for a game with the working title of "wings of Fate". Our Google site is All the major info is on there :) At the moment I've mainly been working on the website and environment design, which I'm REALLY enjoying, because our game is turning into a bit of a platformer the level design is really interesting. Also the Sistine chapel (where the game is based) is a spectacular setting to work with. A piece of concept work I did for the environment, focusing on lighting and scale. A study of the interior of the Sistine chapel, to help with level design and scale.

Wings of Fate pre-production

We had a meeting today regarding our new project. Here's a quick moodboard of the type of things popping in to my head as we spoke. Mainly focusing on what the characters will be wearing.