30 days of drawing

A friend of mine posted this to me on facebook the other day.

When i saw it my first thought was "urgh what the hell is this s***" but when i read it i quite liked the idea, 30 days or drawing diffrenet things. So looking past the horrendous presentation I thought I would give it a go!

so day#1 - draw yourself, here's my attempt. (yes i need a scanner!)

Chloe Bruce (the friend who originaly sent me the post) aka paint the moment and Ollie Elliott aka the enormous blogodile have both done one aswell, here they are.

Chloe Bruce
Ollie Eliott


  1. haha... try 10 weeks. But i like your self port.

  2. thanks :D right now theres no way i could afford to do nothing but draw for 10 weeks, but i would love to!!


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