Critical hit!

Since I last posted we've finished our first set of storyboards and made them into an animatic to show the class. The idea was that the gameplay would be strong enough to represent the game on it's own. So our animatic was a montage of in game footage of particularly spectacular parts of the game that communicated the feelings of being lost and alone.

Tuesday afternoon we screened our animatics. unfortunately our idea of a montage of game footage didn't go down well and came across as very incoherent :(

Because we went for a in game footage montage and the fact that the game is a first person mystery game made the animatic very difficult to understand.

Also the fact that the player wakes up in a strange world not knowing who they are or why they are there was pointed out as being cliché.

I do agree with most point, so back to the drawing board!

We're storyboarding for a new animatic and tweaking our original game premise as we go. Ben has come up with an interesting idea about the reason the player being in a mysterious world is that they have an item that can transport them between our world and the other world. I thought this could be incorporated into game play.

Now we have to decide what that item will be, who the main character is and the reasons for the player to be in the mystery world and what they have to achieve there.

all by Friday, then a style sheet by Tuesday.


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