This may take a while...

This is my progress on the level so far.

each building in white is a static mesh that has a Maya file and a .FBX file. The maya file can be edited so eventually these buildings will be detailed.

I've started off by creating the smaller buildings as they will only have 1 maya file corresponding to them. However the taller buildings will be done modularly allowing me to use static meshes repeatedly. This will save me time and mean I can edit building size/height very quickly.

This is already implemented on the two tallest towers. The very tallest you can even go inside and walk to the top. But this takes ages (lifts will be implemented! lol)

to avoid the repetition being obvious I'm planning to use decals, props, texture variations and the occasional different modular mesh. For example a floor that has been damaged or has a different layout. Hopefully this will be enough to mask the obvious repetition.

To get an idea of scale the red dot at the lower part of the city is a small vehicle, slightly larger than the player.

It's at this point that I'm worried that I may being too ambitious with what I'm trying to create. Even though it doesn't take a huge amount of time to run through the city it is a large level especially if you include the vertical space. But I'm enjoying it and feel that if i manage to create what I'm aiming for it will be awesome, so I'm going to go for it! Just preparing to have a lot of all night working sessions!!

P.S. it works now! w00t! still under construction though, guess you will have to just wait a bit longer ;)


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