Double Cross

Ta-da! (still under construction, hopefully live within the next few hours!)

So things are shaping up quite nicely!

At the top of the page you can see the logo I've put togeather for double cross, everyone seams to be happy with it, but like all things it's not concrete at could change in the future.

So first I'll talk about the city I'm creating. I have it all mapped out in UDK and started to replace the BSP brush buildings with static meshes. I've tried to create a very narrow and cramped atmosphere when on ground level and dizzy heights when on top of buildings. I'm pleased with the results! I'm going to continue to drop static meshes into the environment.

Next I have a piece of promo work I've created for the game. I'm hoping to be able to do a few more images like this to help promote the game. Hopefully there will be a future version that includes silouettes of our actual in game charcters.

we do have a basic mechanic working in UDK but we're going to start looking for a programmer as soon as we're sure our IP is copyrighted. Hopefully they will be able to help us make some progress on the mechanic and that will free me up to focus on environment and level design. Once thats done I'll post a video of how far we're into developing our mechanic.


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