GameCity 5 (so far)

So this week I'm up at GameCity 5 in Nottingham!

We got here on Tuesday, Nottingham is a nice city and the talks and expo's have been great! Also seeing several Newport students showing their games (colour runners, Q.U.B.E. and Mush) was really great! If everything goes to plan it would be great to be in a simmilar position to them next year!

So far The talks that I have found most interesting have been Jonathon Blow talking about the development of BRAID, Chris Hecker talking about Spy Party and Niv Fisher talking about Confetti Carnival. All very interesting and inspirational talks.

One key points that I have picked up on throughout the talks is that plot should be secondary to gameplay and that pushing for what you want the players to feel should take priority. Making the game scary rather than figuring out why the game is scary. So in essence designing with how you want to affect the player in mind rather than the story. Ofcourse this could depend on the game your creating!

Also the use of violence to punctuate what is happening within the game and to create tension. Rather than the game being focussed on violence, the game uses the violence as a punctuation and this creates a great sense of tension in anticipation of the violence that can be used to drive gameplay.

All interesting stuff and still all of Friday and Saturday morning to go!


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