Monday, 11 January 2010

Alice in wonderland

So I haven't posted any of my work that isn't uni orientated up on here yet, so this is a first!

Basically These are a few rough sketches for a intern application brief. We have to communicate an aspect of a game through our chosen medium (storyboards, power point, flash game, concept art etc.) The game itself is based on the idea of Alice returning to wonderland as an older women to defeat the Jabberwocky!

This is a few rough sketches of what I would imagine a grown up Alice to look like, she was a stereotypical young blonde girl so I've gone along with a stereotypical blonde women look. Although these are my first set of sketches so this may change as I work on it further (hopefully get a few more detailed sketches done soon!). I've also been practicing on using a wacom tablet, so the largest image had some colour added to it :)

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