Friday, 1 October 2010

mega busy

So basically I've got a new job! I'm working for a chain of clubs (Meze, OTT, Delilah's & Kama) in Newport and I'm really enjoying it, even though it can be quite intense sometimes! At the moment I'm working in the office 5 days a week as a junior designer so main job is designing flyers, menu's, posters, signage etc. also random jobs in the office like answering the phone, organising printing etc. And sometimes I even get to do a bit of promoting via facebook!

When I start uni again I won't be able to do as much work, so I'm hoping I'll go part time. It's a pretty cool place to work and everyone I work with is a good laugh and got to meet a bunch of new people so it's all good!

Also here's a picture of a good friend of mine Chloe Bruce (paint the moment)! I'm majorly enjoying doing type of drawings at the moment so there will probably be a few more soon!

P.S. Chloe, if you read this I will sort out a copy for you that I've signed soon! Sorry for being so slow lol!

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